• Directors’ profiles of Kaleidoscopic Japan

Directors’ profiles of Kaleidoscopic Japan

Director Profiles (alphabetical order) Film Summary
COREY FULLER     コリー・フラー

URL: https://www.onnnnn.com/

Born in the US and raised in rural Japan, Corey Fuller is a musician and multimedia artist currently based in Tokyo. Growing up between several different cultures and traveling extensively as a child have made geography, the sea and a sense of space, within and without, major components of Fuller’s music and visual art.  Fuller engages in synergetic and synesthetic intermedia explorations through his collaborations with visual artists, choreographers, fashion designers, poets, filmmakers, architects and artists across a myriad of disciplines.



Scripted short film featuring a Japanese salary man who one day awakens from his mindless and mundane life as an office worker.  It offers a glimpse of what it feels like to be a “salaryman.”

ALEXANDER LEE アレキサンダー・リー

Alexander Sebastien Lee is an award-winning film director and actor born and raised in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Lee studied theater at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, French language at the Sorbonne University in Paris, earned a BA in film production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Hollywood, and journeyed to the Shaolin Temple in China to train in Kung Fu. After co-founding art galleries in Shanghai and Berlin, Lee has settled in Kyoto, Japan. Lee founded a media production company named Niche that spreads Kyoto’s Shokunin culture to the world.


Seventh-generation tin crafts master who continues his family business in a town of Kyoto, where tradition and modernization coexists.  The film features magical art of tin craft with stunning backdrop of everyday Kyoto.


URL:  https://www.yuriaanderikasisters.com/

Yuria’s Japanese father is a renown advocates of international understanding, and her Polish mother is from a family of artists, architects and stage actors.  After studying various forms of arts including performing arts and sculpture in England, Poland, and Thailand, she returned to Japan where she was joined by her sister Erika, a well-credentialed choreographer and costume designer, to establish the TORANOKO Performing Arts Company, specializing in visual and theatrical arts featuring children.  Yuria is currently working on a stage production of “Schoolgirl” which is based on the novel by Osamu Dazai.

“Thirty three”

Mystical adventure through beautiful and serene forest and a temple in rural Ehime. The original composition by a French musician adds a spiritual dimension to the film.



LUC-YAN PICKER ルクヤン・ピッカー

URL: https://www.lucyanpicker.com/

Luc is a Tokyo-based film director and editor, originally from Montreal, Canada.  Trilingual and culturally weathered, Luc has a knack for crafting stories that transcend nationality and language.  He makes his mission to go against the grain and often subverts traditional ideas and images to create something new.


Striking visual rendering of an internationalist DJ in Tokyo.  Her mission is to embrace people of every identity and dream, and bring them together through music.

CHRIS RUDZ クリス・ルッズ

URL: https://www.chrisrudz.com/

Born in Poland.  He graduated from the Audio Visual Department of Rietveld Art Academy in

Amsterdam. His work shows a sharp eye for human and personal stories, his work is both intimate as it can be bold. His style of directing is realistic yet has a touch of emotional

impact. Currently Chris is based in Tokyo, working on his feature film debut “All The Song We Never Sang”.

“What To Do, To Be Like You”

Story of women divers or Ama, Japanese fishing profession that dates back at least 5,000 years.  Features an ordinary day at a rural fishing village outlined with personal story of an ambitious girl.