To Filmmakers
Prior to working with Japanese film commissions, please be informed of the following.

1. Film commissions provide the following services for free of charge.

In addition to information regarding filming locations, other pertinent information, such as accommodation, meals, equipment, rental cars,and permits, are provided.

2. Providing the following services vary depending on the film commission.
  • Acting as an agent for obtaining permits from the police, public organizations, etc.
  • Arrangements for extras (some film commissions have a registration system).
  • Accompanying the film crew during filming.

3. Film commissions do NOT provide the following services.
  • Finding investors, product placements, etc.
  • Offering production expenses
  • Compensation to cover damages or injuries related to filming (many film commissions ask that you are covered by a Japanese insurance).

4. Tips on how to get the best support from film commissions

Local film commissions
Provide as much detailed information as possible regarding the shooting, such as the project plan, script, storyboard, etc. (Confidential information will not be released without your prior approval.)
In the event any change or cancellation occurs, promptly contact the concerned film commission.

Film commission networks
As there are over 100 film commissions throughout Japan, neighboring film commissions often work together in supporting a film. Regions such as Hokkaido (northern island), Kansai (consisting of Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, etc.), Kyushu Island area (in the south), and others have formed strong networks to support filming by sharing data and manpower. Utilizing these networks will help you save time and get the maximum support from governments and local communities.

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